Captain Cloudberry

Episode IV : Helium (Free C64 game)

For more than 13 years, citizens of DOUGAL CITY have suffered terrible weather and heavy rainstorms. It turns out that an evil witch, SABA MONTHBLEED, has peppered the sky with radioactive weather balloons! This has given her complete control of the atmosphere, keeping the villagers trapped in her meteorological terror. The citizens has tried to destroy the balloons, but the witch has thrown a spell on the clouds, freezing the clouds to stone hard ice, making it impossible for them to get to balloons and destroy them...

The desperate villagers contact a local stunt pilot CAPTAIN CLOUDBERRY and begs for his help as he is the only man capable of maneuvering around the frozen clouds.

The famous Ace agrees to restore natural order, but he has one little problem: A few days ago, there was an incident. While on stunt practice, he had a close call with a hang-gliding desperado. This flyboy maniac attacked the rudder, leaving it damaged. Now, Cloudberry's plane can only turn one way!

- Fly the plane and ram all the balloons.
- Pop the blinking balloons in the correct order for bonus points.
- Avoid the frozen and lethal clouds.
- Your plane can only turn one way, but thunderclouds may be helpful - lightning is known to cause a change of direction!
- The evil witch will attempt to thwart you by respawning balloons!
- There are unlimited planes, but limited fuel.
- When the fuel tank is empty, Captain Cloudberry is grounded. Grounded... FOREVER!

Captain Cloudberry is a one button game, designed to be used with the SiBUGA single button game controller. The game can also be controlled with the fire button of an ordinary joystick plugged into port 2.

Control the plane by pressing fire to make it turn. The plane will keep turning as long as you hold the fire button. When you release fire the plane will continue straight forward in the angle it is facing.

Remember that the plane can only turn in one direction, but if you run into lightning, the controls will change and the plane will turn the opposite way.


Developed by Megastyle in 2017

Programming by: Docster

Graphic & Music by: Rotteroy

Additional graphics by: FX

Level design: by Rotteroy

Game testers: Rage, Scroll, Vinny, Microbit

Docs written by: Rotteroy and Drumtex

Docfile programmed by: Majikeyric

Docfile Petscii by: Shine

Loading screen: Sparkler

Loading Music: Drumtex

Linking: Majikeyric

Inbuilt trainer and NTSC fix by: Docster


To play the game, download the ZIP file and unzip the game.

The D64 file could be transfered to a real floppy disk and played on a Commodore 64/128 (both pal & ntsc compatible).

If you want to play it on your PC/Mac you can use an emulator like VICE. Remember to use the latest version of Vice (like version 3.1) to get the best emulation. If you use old versions of vice, the c64 is not perfect emulated and bugs might occur in the game (An example is the random routine for the letters).


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