Our hero - EL GRINGO - is infamous for being the fastest and most dangerous gunslinger in the wild, wild west. But he is tired of killing, and wants to retire from his gunslinger career to settle down with his true love, MISS. JIGGLYTITS. However, having this stellar reputation tempt outlaws from the whole wide west to seek him down for duels! Will it be possible for EL GRINGO to survive his retirement day and get to his true love?

To get to his true love, EL GRINGO has to gun down 6 outlaws on 3 different stages: The Desert, The City and The Graveyard. Each outlaw is slightly quicker than the previous, so EL GRINGO has to summon all his reaction, speed, and will to survive.

Press space to start the game. Place your fingers on the keyboard while you GET READY. When a random character is displayed on the screen, you have to press the same character on the keyboard to draw and shoot your gun! If you are too slow, or you press the wrong character, you will get wasted. To quit the game and return to the intro press "RUN/STOP"

You can press "F8" to activate/de-activate the trainer. This can only be done on the intro screen. If the trainer is activated, the border changes color to dark blue. The trainer gives you full invincibility and you will never loose a duel. Keep in mind that a cheater is not worthy of any points on the hall of fame, so the score will remain at ZERO points as long as you have the trainer activated. You can always return to the intro by pressing "RUN/STOP" and deactivate the trainer.

If you have a disk-drive or you play the D64 version on an emulator, the game has a built-in high score saver.

Programming by Docster
Graphics and Music by Rotteroy
Based on idea by Drumtex
Coding assistance: Scroll and Majikeyric
Playtesting and moral support by Majikeyric, Drumtex, Scroll, Rage and Sparkler

Instructions page made by Majikeyric with Petscii graphics by Shine, and sprites by Sparkler and Rotteroy.

Loading Picture by Sparkler
Loading Music by Rage

Developed in 2017 by Megastyle. Physical version distributed by Reset 64 on the coverdisk of Reset magazine issue number 10 august 2017. Digital version distributed by Megastyle on ITCH and CSDB september 2017


To play the game, download the ZIP file and unzip the game.

The D64 file could be transfered to a real floppy disk and played on a Commodore 64/128 (both pal & ntsc compatible).

If you want to play it on your PC/Mac you can use an emulator like VICE. Remember to use the latest version of Vice (like version 3.1) to get the best emulation. If you use old versions of vice, the c64 is not perfect emulated and bugs might occur in the game (An example is the random routine for the letters).


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