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Projects Tombstones
Our hero - EL GRINGO - is infamous for being the fastest and most dangerous gunslinger in the wild, wild west. But he is tired of killing, and wants to retire from his gunslinger career to settle down with his true love, MISS. JIGGLYTITS. However, having this stellar reputation tempt out..

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Forum SeenIt
* Tired of finding out the last episode you watched of a TV-Serie?
* Having lots of TV-series to watch?

Perhaps SeenIt can help you? SeenIt keeps track of TV-series you have seen, all you have to do is update the program when you have watched a new episode. SeenIt makes it easy to watch TV-Serie..

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SeenIt v3.4 released | Author: Admin | Date: 04.11.21 09:53:50
SeenIt v3.4.0.0
- Gone x64 only
- Windows 11 compatible
- Alot has been fixed and changed in this version.
- Added: Update on refresh. If enabled this TV show will be updated when refreshing.
+ lots more I can't remember

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