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Projects Captain Cloudberry
Episode IV : Helium (Free C64 game)

For more than 13 years, citizens of DOUGAL CITY have suffered terrible weather and heavy rainstorms. It turns out that an evil witch, SABA MONTHBLEED, has peppered the sky with radioactive weather balloons! This has given her complete c..

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Forum SeenIt
* Tired of finding out the last episode you watched of a TV-Serie?
* Having lots of TV-series to watch?

Perhaps SeenIt can help you? SeenIt keeps track of TV-series you have seen, all you have to do is update the program when you have watched a new episode. SeenIt makes it easy to watch TV-Serie..

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SeenIt v3.2.0.0 released | Author: Admin | Date: 12.01.18 02:04:13
- Fixed: First time installation of SeenIt was broken. Gave an SQL error about not finding the database/near error.
- Fixed: When updating the Update window didn't give the correct task bar icon.
+ Some other fixes I can't remember since last time I fixed something.

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